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TheWebomania Image Optimization SEO Services in India

Image Optimization Services In Thewebomania

Image optimization is one of the vital optimization techniques that bring huge traffic to any website. Most of the Experts Search Engine Optimization Professionals prefer image optimization to get high ranking and for traffic. Now some questions comes in to your mind that how image optimization helps in bring traffic, how it works, what are the simple and easier techniques and why Image Optimization is required. Let’s discuss about all these things below:

Why Image Optimization is important and how it works

Image optimization is very much important as millions of people searching images on Google with keywords, so if your image is optimized with the keyword that is suite for your business, then that image appears on first page of Google’s image result page. And people directly get to know about your website from your image, if it properly linked.

Techniques Used for Image Optimization

Image Name: For optimizing your image it need to be named your image descriptively by using in Plain English. Image name is very important that helps search engine to manage the image. 

Alt Tags is very necessary it states the search engine about the image and at the time of slow connection while image can’t be properly loaded it replaces that place. So it is important to optimize the Alt Tags intelligently to get eye catching result. 

Image size is a very big problem, big size images take more time for loading and it increases page loading time that directly affects your website. Reducing the image file sizes to 70kb is a standard that manages your deal. Image Site Maps is also an important way of optimizing your images. 

So changing the properties of an image to make it suitable for a website in terms of SEO friendliness is known as Image Optimization. TheWebomanis Solution Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the best Web designing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Service Provider Company in India and international market that provides excellent quality Image Optimization Services. 

If you need to optimize images of your website or if you are dealing with an e-commerce website where images plays an key role, then feel free to communicate with TheWebsomania.


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